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by Roderick Hill

Down cast eyes,
the minute cries,
the elegant footstep slowly dies.
The silence stops,
now you are gone,
the sadness starts where you once shone.
Ambling comfortably through the home,
seeing no boundaries alone she roams.
Soft paw sleeping in the afternoon sun,
time moves on and a life is run.
She moved with freedom,
as the endless sky,
Then died to sleep,
to rest to fly.
We cling to the moments,
we cherish the past,
The petals of the flower finally cast.
But now she is roaming in the stars Her graceful spirit fleets above ours,
The tears may fall,
like crystal rain,
Yet she is happy and alive and free again.
So lift our souls,
cast our smiles,
Cheer our hearts and laugh a while,
In the eternal blue she watches,
it seems,
The hopes,
the fears,
the lives,
the dreams.
Waves break loud on a far sea-shore,
Where blew a flower,
may a flower no more Brake in the sun till the run breaks down
and death shall have no dominion.

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