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Hereditary Risks of Deafness

The Truth on Deafness of White Cats With Blue Eyes

white-cat-with-big-ears-thumbMany people have asked veterinarians whether white cats with blue eyes are normally deaf or not. This is a frequent topic of research for the favorite white feline seems to have a special distinction not all knows.

White cat breeds are naturally sought for by pet lovers due to their long pure white coat, reserved personality, and wonderful eye colors. Nonetheless, adopting a white cat requires extra care. The deafness secret of white cat gives owners the precautionary to take care of their cats more carefully.

Do Not Confuse Blindness With Deafness

Many people have asked whether white cat with blue eyes are more prone to blindness. Take note that deafness of white feline does not define his or her eyesight. There is no research proving that white cats are prone to blindness, either acquired or hereditary.

Deafness as Main Issue in White Feline

The main health issue among white cat families is deafness. Hereditary deafness is normal in a white cat. According to statistics, only 17 to 22 percent of white feline without blue eyes are born with deafness. However, the rate increases by up to 40 percent if cats concerned have at least one blue eye. The measure is higher by up to 85 percent if pure white cats with both blue eyes are regarded.

Interestingly, some of the cats suffering from deafness only suffer from partial hearing loss. If a cat has one blue eye, only one ear will be deaf. In every case, the blue eye is on the same side as the deaf ear.

Most humans do not notice that their white pets are deaf for those with partial hearing loss will appear normal. They may even be perfect companions, including those cats with total deafness issue.

The Hereditary Risk of Becoming Deaf

A white feline may be three to five times more at risk of being deaf if they have two blue eyes. This is in comparison to cats with one blue iris. Moreover, a cat with one blue iris is more likely to be deaf than pure white cat with two non-blue eyes. It is also found out that long coated white cat is thrice more probable to be entirely deaf.

Upon acquiring the hereditary problem, white feline may be deaf and photophobic. The latter refers to the animal’s intolerance to bright light due to their blue eyes. Additionally, they will suffer from reduced eyesight in low light conditions.

The Most Important Pet Care for Deaf Whites

If you want to keep your cat healthy and live longer, you should settle with indoor care. It is best to prevent situations wherein your cat has to depend on his or her auditory sense. If you will let him or her stay outdoors, accidents may befall on him or her.

You could get more tips on how to take care of your deaf cats. This is due to the fact caring for white cats could be more sensitive yet fulfilling since they deserve equal attention despite their defectiveness.

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