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Kitties Review Of The Fly By Spinner Cat Toy

When it comes to animals, it is no secret that cats are the pickiest of the bunch. Keeping them entertained can be a chore, but recreation is essential to fulfilling feline instincts and satisfying their need to hunt. With hundreds of cat toys available on the market, it is a daunting task to find the right playtime accessory for your temperamental companion. The Pet Zone Fly By Interactive Spinner Toy is an option that has garnered some attention, but what about this alternative sets it apart from other options of a similar ilk?

The Pet Zone Spinner toy is a clever little device, with a hanging life-like butterfly attached to a wire that can be batted around and pounced upon. With realistic movement and sound, the butterfly spins, keeping your cat focused and amused for hours. The unpredictability of the spinning action allows your cat to stalk its prey and release its energy after a satisfying nap.

The design of the Fly By Spinner makes it ‘out of the box ready’ so your cat can indulge in its instincts immediately with the use of a single AAA battery. The straight-forward on-off switch makes the device worry free and does not need tending. 4 rubber feet on the bottom of the platform keeps the device stationary for aggressive play sessions from your pet. With a non-sliding grip on its plastic base, the Fly By Spinner is a safe outlet for your animal to enjoy for years to come.

Casper loves toys of all styles especially with feathers and strings and yellow ones! Meow!!

The Pet Zone Fly By Spinner also has glowing reviews, not just from its customers, but from the source where the opinion matters most; your feline. Tested hundreds of times over, this cat toy has proven to be engaging, interactive and time consuming for even the most unimpressed cats. The spinner works wonders in providing resolute stimulation for the animal, an absolute necessity when it comes to giving the proper care.

With durable construction and limited maintenance, the Pet Zone Fly By Spinner is the perfect addition to your cat’s proverbial playground. Because no two experiences with the toy are alike, the spinner offers a fresh outlet for your cat to enjoy each day. Needing only a single battery, it also gives consumers the most bang for their buck in offering a safe toy for the pet. Put simply, the Fly By Spinner is a practical solution to a cat’s boredom, and a solid addition to your pet’s trinket ensemble.

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