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Choosing The Perfect Family Cat

tuxedo-colored-cat-playingRemember, before adopting you new cat, your new pet may live to be 15-20 years old. Try to honestly look at yourself and your family. Is your living situation suited for a long-term situation? If your getting a cat, you might want to even consider getting two. They tend to entertain each other and keep each other company.


Financial considerations are important as well. Take into account vet bills, food, litter, and toys. An estimation of cat care is about $500 per year.


There is also a certain amount of your time involved. Although cats are often portrayed as being self-maintained, they do need a stimulating environment to prevent boredom. Lonely cats show their stress by over-eating, scratching problems, over-grooming, soiling, and depression.

Cat Age

Everybody loves an adorable, soft kitten! Who wouldn’t? They are irresistible. From a kittens point of view everything is made for them to play with. Yarn is there to tug at and bat at, It is important to kitten proof your house to prevent injuries to your new friend.

Cat Appearance

Long-haired cats will require more grooming and the hair they shed will be noticeable. Will that bother you? But, both long and short-haired cats shed and enjoy grooming.

Healthy cats will have shiny coats, bright eyes, and clean ears and noses. They are aware of their surroundings.

sookie-the-tabby-catCat Gender

When cats are neutered the gender doesn’t matter a great deal. The only major difference is that the male cats tend to grow larger than female cats.


Just like people, cats can be timid, friendly, quiet, vocal, or independent. Affectionate cats will expect a lot of attention. Cats that are more independent will adjust better to being alone.

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