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KodKod Cat: South American Wild Cat of Mystery

kodkod-cat-from-wikipediaThe KodKod Cat is a mysterious South American wild cat because not much is known about them due to insufficient research and data analysis. According to the IUCN/SSC Cat Specialist Group, the KodKod Cat is placed on Appendix II of the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species. They are, however, similar in appearance to Geoffrey’s Cat. They are also much smaller than the average exotic cat, and can grow up to an average lifespan of ten years generally. It is, however, the smallest wild cat known that is living in America right now.

There is still quite a lot of air of mystery around the KodKod Cat because honestly not a lot of information is known about them. Scientists are still attempting to study and observe this specie of exotic cat to discover more of its mating habit, diet, and behavioral patterns. Maybe, one day, we will become more familiarized with this specie of exotic cat; however, currently, we still have a lot of work to do in order to get there.

The KodKod Cat is much smaller than the average exotic cat with lengths recording up to a foot and a half long, and weighing in at only 5 pound or less. They are one of the smallest types of exotic cats which are found to exist in the western hemisphere of the Earth. Generally, they have nice eye colors which are a grayish brown color to a buff red color. They have distinct white spots on their ears and attractive black rings on their long legs. Because of their small size, they generally will not pick on or even eat any animal that is around the same site as him.

The KodKod cat prefers to live in the wet forests; this is because their food is in more abundance there, and chances of them being able to live in happiness with sufficient food were a lot higher. They are also a nocturnal animal, and will go hunt at night. They will not go out to hunt in the broad daylight. They do, however, have strong legs and are known for their ability to climb; in fact, they are great climbers. It is important not to worry too much about the KodKod cat though as they have great adaptive ability skills.

The KodKod Cat generation is highly affected by deforestation which will kill off and unearth the rodents which live in that area. Without prey, they have no more food, and will starve; however, luckily, they have quite good adaptive skills. They can live in many different environments, and as long as mice are present or any rodent, they can live off of them. Another population decrease reason is that sometimes KodKod Cat will gang up and attack farmer’s livestock causing the farmer’s to kill them to protect their livestock.

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