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A Healthy Cat Is A Happy Cat

tuxedo-cat-on-blue-cloudOur cats can bring us much happiness throughout our lives while living with them and observing their antics. They all have their little quirks and wonderful personalities. Making sure that they are healthy and happy is very important and it needn’t be difficult.

If you are a new cat owner you may find yourself perplexed as to how please your new feline friend. They can be very fickle when it comes to food and toys. Cats can be seemingly complicated creatures, but they really just want to be loved and adored.

The main thing to remember when you first get a new cat is to allow them time to adjust to their surroundings and environment. Cats are generally creatures of habit and it takes them time to acclimate when their routine is suddenly disrupted or broken. They may tend to hide somewhere at first, such as under a bed. This is perfectly normal and in time they will be out and about exploring their new home. They shouldn’t be rushed. Patience is a must when living with cats.

Healthy food is something that should be seriously considered. This is because what most people fail to realize is the pet food that you find at most super markets is of a very low quality and full of fillers and things like corn and ash that cats are simply incapable of digesting. You can however find very healthy food for your cat at pet supply stores or even purchase it online. Some of the acceptable brands include: Merrick, Wellness, Nutro, and Chicken Soup. These foods contain higher quality ingredients that supply all of the nutrition that your cat needs without the indigestible fillers and low quality junk. The healthier brands that I listed above are a bit more expensive than the inferior garbage (even the so-called healthy versions) that they sell to the masses, but please keep in mind that if your cat is eating healthier, then your cat will have fewer health problems and live a longer and happier life.

The type of litter that you choose for your cat is also very important. If you truly care about your cat’s health you will want to avoid clay litters. Clay litter is very dangerous and can cause cats serious health problems over time. This is because when cats clean themselves they can ingest bits of clay which can then expand in the digestive system and cause serious blockages. There are a wide variety of alternatives to clay on the market nowadays so this is very easy to avoid. Another reason to avoid clay is the mess. Other types of litter are much less messy and better for the environment. There are several varieties of non-clay cat litter available. Some are made of pine and these are in my opinion the best. I have tried using all of the others and ended up choosing a pine sawdust type litter called Feline Fresh. It is the least messy and smelly of all of the ones that I have tested. I tried “Swheat” which is a litter made from wheat. This was okay but it really got tracked around the house by my cat because it tended to get stuck in her paws and between her toes. I also tried Feline Pine which is pine sawdust that is formed into pellets that dissolve into clumps of sawdust. My cat didn’t seem to like the pellets but other than that it seemed to work well, so that is why I decided to try Feline Fresh. You would think that the saw dust litter would get tracked everywhere but it actually isn’t bad especially when compared to the clay or wheat cat litter.

Finally, toys are something that cats love and need but you really don’t have to spend a fortune on an expensive toy for kitten when she will most probably prefer playing with the box that it came in instead. That said, a good sturdy cat tree or cat condo equipped with scratching posts and places to hide can keep your cats entertained and pleased for hours. This can also save your furniture from being shredded by bored paws and claws.

These are just a few of the things to consider when looking to keep you cat happy and healthy, but the main thing is to have fun and remember to show your cat how much you love her by caring enough to give her the best. Because, after all, she deserves it.

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