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by Janice R.

One day I knew you would have to leave us as I watched you growing old,
But swept the thought from my mind like autumn leaves upon the path.
as l look at your photograph,
your body cold as the frame,
my heart is full,
yet calm,
memories a sweet balm.
Every room contains your presence,
each passing hour,
Elegant form washing,
cosily curled,
A soft pad touching my cheek to tell me morning is here,
Face bright,
nose pink,
as you danced across the virgin frost to breakfast eagerly eaten.
I hear the ‘snap’ of your puss flap,
the ‘chirrup’ of your greeting as our keys turn in the lock,
Your deep ‘purr’ of pleasure as you nestle on my lap,
Your ‘tapping and scrabbling’ as you play in battles mock.
These memories,
and more,
proud lad,
will sustain me until I feel your soft pad upon my cheek,
l’m sure,
One day.

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