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Choosing The Best Cat Toys

tuxedo-cat-on-blue-cloudChoosing a cat toy for your favorite feline would seem like a no-brainer. Cats will pretty much play with anything. If you want to discourage your cat from playing with things around the house, then it’s a good idea to get them a cat toy that diverts their attention. Cat supply stores usually carry a whole selection of various cat toys, but sometimes the cat toy you choose is not a big hit with your pet.

The key to choosing a good cat toy is sometimes based on your particular cat’s individual personality. There are some cats that do not respond to cat toys at all. I have multiple cats and trying to please them all is sometimes difficult. My first cat hated any cat toy that contained cat nip. However, my other cats love cat nip. Another cat I have loves playing with balls. Another cat prefers to play with anything lying around the house, which I discourage.

I have tried a wide variety of cat toys and the most popular cat toy was the fishing pole type. Each one of my cats seems to like this type of cat toy. The pole variety that I chose has changeable attachments such as feathers, shiny pom-pom type strips, various animal shapes, etc. I found that the shiny pom-pom attachments got the most attention and got them excited and got their blood pumping. I like this particular type of cat toy because of the exercise my cats get when I whip it around. Cats may be lazy creatures by nature, but they still need a good dose of exercise to keep them healthy and happy.

Safety is another important factor when choosing a good cat toy. I always avoid anything that the cat can pry off or chew off with their teeth. Small objects attached to some cat toys such as bells, fake eyeballs, etc. can become a choking hazard. In fact, most cat toys are not intended to be left alone with your cat and should be only used with supervision.

Even with the fishing pole type cat toys, cats can chew them or run off with them or even get wrapped around in them if you are not watching them closely. I no longer leave them lying around. I only bring them out to use in an interactive way. I also learned to hide the fishing poles in a spot that they could not get to. My cats love those cat poles and will do anything to get a hold of one.

Experiment with one or two types of cats toys and then decide what your cat will take to best. If you find a particular cat toy that your cat likes and plays with a lot, then it might be a good idea to keep a spare around as well. It is best to get rid of any cat toys that are broken, split or overly frayed.

All in all, have fun interacting with your cat because this will make playing with cat toys even more fun for your cat if you stay involved. Cats can sense it if you are half-heartedly engaging with them and at that point, the best cat toys in the world won’t make a difference.

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