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by Anon

Her body is buried deep in the ground,
Yet Sally is ever and always around,
In the garden she loved and the house where she found
Affection and safety,
her memories abound.
She lived in the alley – this accounts for her name,
And nobody ever knew whence she came,
Just a wild,
pregnant stray,
starving and lame,
But she stayed to become a loved pet,
all the same.
Her fur like black satin is still glimpsed in the trees;
Her call can be heard on the sound of the breeze;
At the side of her grave,
the rosemary sees,
Its sweet blossom scented by murmuring bees.
So if old Deuteronomy up in the sky,
Has gathered her safely,
calming her cry,
Taken her tenderly,
telling her why,
Bestowed then his blessing ’til she purred with a sigh .
… Then,
there’s no need for tears,
because you are gone,
For we know in our hearts you brave spirit lives on.

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