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Basics on Cat Feeding

alaska-burmese-cat-eating-from-dishEvery cat has a different personal preference as to what flavor and texture of cat food they enjoy best. Whether beef, chicken, or fish, the dry and wet cat food you purchase should contain all the necessary nutrients to keep your cat happy and healthy. Feeding your cat the equivalent of junk food, just because it is their favorite treat, can be unhealthy and put your cat at risk for medical problems.

When deciding which cat food to feed your cat, be sure to check the ingredient list on the back of the package. If carbohydrates such as wheat are one of the first few ingredients listed, keep looking for a different brand of food. Carbohydrates don’t provide you cat with the essential protein it needs and acts as kitty junk food. Look for meat names in the first few ingredients such as beef, tuna, chicken, etc. Meat will help your cat get the protein and fatty-acids it needs daily.

Be sure to purchase food that is age appropriate for your cat. Special formulas for kittens, adults, and aging cats are available to meet their age group’s specific dietary needs. Feeding your cat food from the wrong age range can lead to an incorrect amount of the recommended vitamins and minerals in their diet.

Although many people feed their pets human food, it is recommended to only feed your cats cat food. Human food can be harder for cats to digest, lead to obesity, and cause behavior problems. Once you start feeding your cat food scraps it can very difficult to stop. Cats often like the way human food tastes better than their own food, so cutting them off can upset your feline friend.

Kitty treats for your cat should not be fed too often. While treats can be a great way to bond with your cat, especially as a reward for good behavior, they should only make up a small percentage of the food your pet consumes. Treats do not contain the nutrients your cat needs to keep a healthy mind and body.

If you feel your cat is underweight or overweight, be sure to consult your veterinarian for a diet plan to help get your pet healthy. The appropriate type, amount, and brand of food will help you cat stay happy and healthy for years to come.

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