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Tips For Cat Noobs

Cats can make the perfect pets. They are fairly self-sufficient and extremely lovable. You can spend time with them on a lonely evening, or you can leave them alone for an entire weekend. However, if you have never owned a cat, there are some tips to keep in mind. No one wants a cat that harms their belongings. Likewise, no one wants a harmed cat. Here are a few tips for first time cat owners to prevent needless mistakes.

Unsafe Toys
Many cat toys include strings, ribbons, and feathers. Although these are extremely fun, and quite safe when supervised, they can become dangerous when unsupervised play is allowed. String, dental floss, ribbon, tinsel, or any other stringy material can be swallowed by a cat and get caught in their intestines. Make sure you use care when decorating for the holidays or making a sweater.

Limit Fish
It is known by almost everyone that cats LOVE fish. However, magnesium rich fish can cause urinary tract problems in cats. Male cats especially have this problem. Only allow your feline to feast on the delicious fish food occasionally.

Scratching Post
Many indoor cats are declawed. However, there are several feline pets that are both indoor and outdoor pets. This means claws should remain. To maintain your cat’s claws and protect your furniture, invest in a scratching post. Some cats initially resist these posts, but rubbing cat-nip on it will help a lot.

Under the Car
Cats love warm places. This is why you will see them basking in the sun on top of a couch. This is also why it is extremely important to use care when starting your vehicle. Cats love to climb under cars and lay beside the engine. To prevent killing your kitty, honk the horn a few times before turning your key in the ignition. It will save you a lot of headache and pain in the future.

Protect Houseplants
Buying a cat does not mean you have to get rid of all your houseplants. Simply bury an orange, lemon, or grapefruit rind in the soil. The odor will prevent your kitty from digging and killing your plant while making the house dirty.

Overall, cats are great pets. However, you should always know the tricks to make your pet’s life and your life easier. These cat tips will improve the quality of your cat’s life as well as your own.

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