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Cat Not Eating

mouse-and-pickles-the-catsWhy Won’t My Cat Eat? Oftentimes, cats do not eat for an extended period of time due to being over stressed. This can be compared to us as humans. As many of us have probably experienced, when we are stressed, we do not seem to eat, or at least not as much as we regularly would. Even if you do not notice it, your cat may very well be stressed and this is what is affecting his/her eating habits. Cats become stressed due to a number of factors, though the main reason is usually because of a change of environment.

When a cat moves from one house to another, they will usually experience lots of stress. This will lead to a loss of appetite. Also, when cats are given a different kind of food than they usually eat, they may also find a loss of appetite. And lastly, cats may lose their appetite when another cat or animal is introduced into their environment. If you get another cat, your first cat may feel threatened that this cat is in his/her environment, thus not eat as much, or at all in some cases. Whichever of these problems you may be facing, it is important to fix the problem so your cat will return to its regular eating habits.

On another note, cats that are not eating as regular might simply be sick. If you keep telling yourself they will get better, the cat may finally reach a point where it is to late too become well again. Studies have shown that cats not eating for extended time may evidently experience liver problems. If your cat eats a lot regularly and is quite larger, and suddenly stops eating, they may also experience severe liver problems. These liver problems can quickly lead to death.

Sometimes the best thing to do when your cat will not eat is just give him/her more attention than regular. Sit down and play with the cat for a bit, and if they become happy, they want to eat. If this does not work after a few days, you should consider seeing a vet as soon as possible. Since your cat is already stressed enough, it is not a good idea to actually take your cat to the vet. See if you can find a local vet that will actually come to your residence to examine your cat.

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