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Cat Grooming Gets Me Growling

tuxedo-colored-cat-playingWhen you regularly groom your cat it can help lessen hair ball problems and make the coat of your cat look more healthy and beautiful. Although there are cats that love being groomed, not all cats enjoy getting groomed as much as taking baths. If you are having a hard time grooming your cat then this article can help you make this task easier. You don’t have to worry when your cat is resistant to grooming because it still can be taught to enjoy grooming. The solution to make your cat enjoy grooming is to take advantage of cat’s cat’s natural enjoyment of human contact. Even a very aloof cat also enjoys petting. Here are some pointers to remember in order to make grooming session enjoyable for you and your cat.

Reasons why your cat doesn’t want to be groomed:

  • Your cat has sensitive part of her body
  • Dominant personality

First, you need to know why your cat doesn’t want to be groomed. Just like us, pets can also be sensitive when there are parts of their body that they don’t wanted to be touched. Injury is another reason why your pet doesn’t want to be touched. That’s why it is advisable to check the body to see which part is too sensitive or has any injury. Once you know those areas then you can avoid those areas but still be able to groom your cat whenever it needs one. Groom your cat while avoiding its sensitive spots can you’re your cat think that grooming is pleasurable.

If you just got or adopted a new cat that hasn’t had that much grooming before. You can try to slowly work your cat to get it used to grooming. Giving your pet rewards after you grooming or brushing your cat’s coat is also a great idea to make your cat get used to the activity.

A cat with a dominant personally is another reason why it is reluctant to grooming. Cats with this kind of personality usually refuse to let anyone touch their head or other parts of their body which makes grooming really hard.

veterinary-checking-cat-thumbAs you can see, trying to know your pet more can make grooming much easier. Try to understand your pet more and figure out what irritates it and what makes it hate grooming. From there try to come up with ways on how to make your pet love grooming. Take note of things like how long your pet takes to get upset by your actions as well as your pet’s body language. You should stop when you feel that your pet is starting to get tense or irritated. This way, you can show your pet how pleasant it is to be groom without making it feel irritated with this activity.

Additional tips on grooming your cat.

  • Groom your pet before feeding it so you can use the cat food as a reward when your pet behaves well.
  • If the pet wants to play with the grooming tools like the comb let him play with it. This will make your pet familiarize with your tools and will not be surprised when you start using it to groom him.
  • Your pet can feel more at ease when you alternate comb brushes and stroking with your hand.
  • You can also set your grooming sessions when your cat is most relaxed which is during afternoons.
  • Pick the right tools for the job. There are specialized grooming tools available in the market that is specifically designed for your pets.

Follow these tips and advice and you can be sure that you and your pet will have a peaceful, enjoyable and stress free grooming session with your pet.

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