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Is Toilet Training A Cat Crazy?

Who doesn’t love cats? They are cute, fuzzy, friendly and can melt your heart away. They entertain you with their cute little tricks, they make you burst out in laughter with their ridiculous antics, and they are just outright adorable. Most of the time, that is! As lovable as cats are, they can drive you crazy too. They love to claw at furniture, bite curtains, and don’t even get me started on carpet poop! A little bit of advice: Never leave your cat home for a week straight. You’ll come home to a poop fest!toilet-training-cat

Cats are thankfully intelligent enough that you can easily train them to behave correctly. Believe it or not, you can even toilet train cats. Yes, you heard me correct! YOU CAN TOILET TRAIN YOUR KITTY! Training a cat to ‘go’ in the toilet is actually pretty simple. All you really need is determination combined with a heap of patience. Make sure that your cat at least knows how to use a litter box before you begin. That will knock out about 50% of your work.

First, set your kitty’s litter box in the bathroom near the toilet. Leave it there for a week and let your cat become accustomed with the bathroom. Next, gradually (day by day) inch the box nearer to the toilet. As the litter box gets closer, start to reduce the gravel in the litter box. By the end of the week, the litter box should be right next to the toilet.

Now we get to the fun part. Each day, put another book underneath the litter box. Within a week, it should be level with the toilet. Next, raise the seat and cover the opening with some wax paper. Make sure you tape the paper to the bowl, lest it fall in. Then bring the seat back down and start inching the box towards the seat. Once again, keep reducing the amount of gravel. Eventually, the box should be on top of the toilet seat.

By now, there should be almost no gravel left in the litter box.

After two more days, get rid of the litter box. Go back to the toilet seat and carve a small hole in the center of the wax paper. If your cat has been paying attention, it should start pooping through the hole. Let it do so for about a week. Then, start widening the hole each day. By the end of this week, the hole will be gone and your cat should be officially potty trained!

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