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Basic Cat Training

White cats are similar to normal cats. They could be disobedient or the contrast. However, in order to leave peacefully without cleaning up poop everywhere or getting controlled by your cat, training is necessary. Cat training is now your goal in order to make your feline well-behaved.

You will not know why your cat does […]

Take Time To Talk & Play With Your Cat

Some people decide to get a cat because they want a pet and they think that cats are less work than dogs. I’m here to assure you that caring for cats is not as easy as some people think. Cat lovers know that a healthy, happy cat can take a lot of hard work. It […]

My Cat Loves To Fetch

It is a long standing tradition for many people to teach their dogs to fetch. But, what if you are a cat lover? Can your cat be taught to fetch as well? You bet! In some cases, your cat may surprise you and teach itself this little game.

Playful cats that love to run and […]

Who Are You Mad Little Puss Puss?

I have had several cats, and from what I have observed throughout the years of living with them, if my cat is angry with me, there is always a reason.

And the reason is usually me!

I do something that displeases or annoys the cat. It can be petting it when the cat wants to […]

Potty Training Pussycat

The philosophy behind the process of training a cat to use a toilet is attributed to the cat’s quality of adaptability to reasoning and learning. Cats learn by trial and error, observation and imitation. A cat is able to recall certain information much easily than other pet animals.

Cats won’t do a thing without a […]