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Basic Cat Training

cat-training-first-kitty-has-to-wake-upWhite cats are similar to normal cats. They could be disobedient or the contrast. However, in order to leave peacefully without cleaning up poop everywhere or getting controlled by your cat, training is necessary. Cat training is now your goal in order to make your feline well-behaved.

You will not know why your cat does what he or she does. Sometimes, you got to give up and simply live with it. However, while your cat is still young, it would be nice to train them what to do. Would you rather live with your cat urinating on your doormat?

Before Everything Else

Prior to the cat training, you have to understand a few things. Primarily, cats do not learn because they understand English. They will not be able to attend lectures to comprehend the structure of your sentences. Basically, they learn by experience.

If they believe the experience seems to repeat and positive, they will do this again. It may be unpleasant for you to see your expensive furniture getting damaged by your white cat rakes. However, cats love doing this, which is why they do it over and over again.

The key to make your cat follow is to show him or her that once you are followed, the reward is pleasurable. You do not necessarily have to give those treats all the time. At times, it is just about freedom to play around.

The Transformation to Becoming a Well-Behaved White Cat

There are different useful tips you could follow to make your white cat training successful. Given below are a few for refresher:

Stop the punishment. Punishments will never make the training of cats effective. It is better to replace your reprimands with relaxing massages and daily playtime. This will show that you do not neglect your cat. Cats, when feel disregard, stop using their litter box. In other words, cats would not want a divided attention.

Set up a successful cat training environment. It could be very difficult to steer cats away from the furniture. Sometimes, training will not do. You simply have to transform the furniture into something he or she would not like to scrape.

Cat could also do the sit training. Dogs are not the only animals smart enough to sit. Cats, when trained by saying “Sit” and praising them, could also follow all along. You may give treats or pat your cat whenever he or she follows.

Use tasty treats. If you have resources of tastiest food for your white cat, such as baby food, tuna bites, and chicken cubes, you may use them. These tasty treats somehow empower you to get your white cat’s attention. To introduce the treat to your cat, you have to hold it right at his or her nose.

The training has to be done regularly to make your cat understand what you imply. As mentioned above, experience is what makes them follow. The basic tips given for white cat training are very useful if you want to end the days of suffering, such as early morning meowing distractions.

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