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casper-on-window-perchtI wasn’t sure if the cats would like the window perch when I brought it home from the pet store but after I saw their reaction to the first one I installed in the kitchen I had to get another window perches! The cats just love them!

We have one heated perch for our kitchen window where they like to take turns sleeping or watching the birds and in the bedroom they love to hop up in the morning and watch the birds and action in the pine trees out front.

It is well known that cats love to sunbathe and the cat perch and cat hammock is capable of solving this problem. Hanging on the windowsill with a brace or directly to the window with suction cups, your cat can lay on this resting seat and enjoy sunshine, so cozy.

This is a cat window perch and a space saving cat bed. It’s made by PVC pipe, covered by oxford cloth, and supported by four suction cups. Suction cups are distinguishable, it’s allowed to be fixed by any level of window without tool and installed in seconds. But, suction cups’ contact surface must be clean and without any dust, since dust will weaken cat bed’s bearing capacity. If suction cups keep falling, put water on it, suction cups will absorb firmly.

We have 3 window perches at the house.

1: The K & H Kitty Sill The bedroom overlooks the morning dove roost and the pine trees so Casper can watch the birds from his fluffy perch. I like the ornate supports that hold it in place against the wall, it uses velcro to attach to the window sill.

2: Thermo Kitty Sill With Fleece Cover
This is one of the perches that our three cats fight over. It sits in the kitchen window and they can watch the pond and the blue-jays feeding on peanuts. The heating pad gives off a steady low heat that is just enough to keep them cozy day or night. The cats will sleep there for hours!

3: Suction Cup Mounting Window Bed
This was one perch we bought with a bit of hesitation because it didn’t look like it would hold but wow this a great cat p[erch for the window! It has four over-sized suction cups that grip and hold onto the window so it can hang without worry! We have our in the living room window and put one of our cat blankets on the perch to give some extra padding. It’s super simple but the cats really love it!

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