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Automatic Cat Feeder

Yeowww! Catnip Toy, Yellow Banana

Cat Trees

Window Perches

Buy The Interactive Crazy Cat Circle

Cat Strollers

Cat Books

Cat Shirts

I have a cat shirt for almost every occasion! I have my “Space Cat” T-Shirt to wear when I go to cat shows and I have my cool “Cat Scan” T-Shirt that I wear to travel. In fact I think I would have a harder time to find a shirt that doesn’t have a cat […]

Cats Love The Yellow Banana Toy

Jasper hovers over his favorite cat toy and Alaska twitches in anticipation of launching an assault on the hapless catnip banana! They love this toy!!

Ever since Jasper, our sable Burmese cat, got his banana toy he loved it! He would snuggle it, chase it, bite it, do the kick-a-roo moves with it! […]

Favorite Cat Books

Some of our favorite cat books, everything from cat encyclopaedia to cat fiction and the true cat stories about special cats.

There is always so much to learn and incredible tales to immerse yourself in!

I usually scour the local Value Village for reference books on cats and whenever I see something interesting in fiction […]

White Cat World Favorite Products For Our Cats

Our house has lots of room for our cats and our cats are pretty much spoiled. There are perches and beds all over the house, we have climbing poles in a couple of rooms, litter boxes on both floors of the house, lots of plush little toys and snuggle spots for them to sleep.


The Automatic Cat Feeder

When Casper and Lily came to live with us from the SPCA we needed to find a way to control feeding at home because our cat Alaska is a small kitty who eats a bit at a time when she is hungry and Casper & Lily were used to different feeding conditions and tended to […]