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Casper In The Lion’s Den

Casper likes to flop back and relax on the bed!


Casper loves to lounge on the bed especially after the flannel has been freshly washed and the bedspread has hung on the clothes line soaking up the smell of the sunlight. His favorite place is on the bed watching the chickadees in the pine tree outside the window.

Cats Of InstagramCats Of Instagram

Casper & Lily: Wonderful White CatsCasper & Lily: Wonderful White Cats

Casper & Lily are our two amazing white cats. Rescues from the local SPCA they came into our lives at the right time for all of us. We had just lost our friend Jasper, a sable Burmese Cat, to cancer suddenly and were drawn by destiny to visit the SPCA to discover the two amazing ...

Beautiful Big Cat PicturesBeautiful Big Cat Pictures

Whenever I see a majestic big cat I am thankful that I can have a domesticated smaller version at home. Whenever I am at a zoo and can see the wild cats I am amazed at the stature, size and strength of the big beasts. What strikes me is how much  our small indoor cats ...

Picture of Beautiful White CatsPicture of Beautiful White Cats

White cats make up such a small percentage of the cat population that they are truly impressive to witness. They appear like ghostly phantoms on stealthy wings as they move. If you have ever been blessed to own a white cat, or you currently have one, you have already been witness to their charms and ...

Boo The Deaf KittyBoo The Deaf Kitty

Last year Casper wanted to have his own Twitter page because it seemed all the cute and cool cats were on Twitter and he wanted to get in on the action. After seeing the hastags like #kittyloafmonday and #jellybellyfriday he knew he had found a fun place so he joined Twitter and started tweeting some ...

The Big Cat VideosThe Big Cat Videos

Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida makes amazing videos about the cats they rescue, save and rehabilitate at their facility. They are the world’s largest accredited sanctuary in the world dedicated to helping and saving abused and abandoned big cats. If you aren’t able to visit them in Florida you can watch all their videos ...

Videos & Youtube CatsVideos & Youtube Cats

These are from our White Cat World Youtube Channel. Some of the videos and slideshows are of our white cats Casper and Lily but we also have videos of some of our other cats Alaska & Jasper and cat friends we have met over the years. There are also some big cat videos, not always ...

White Cat Videos On YoutubeWhite Cat Videos On Youtube

OMG there are so many uploads of cute cat videos on Youtube it would be possible to spend your entire life glued to the screen if you wanted to even try and watch half of them! While I do like to watch some funny videos I also don’t want to forget that we have our ...

Dear Kitten Friskies VideosDear Kitten Friskies Videos

Our cats love their Friskies! We usually give them a bit of wet food every night as a bit of a treat but they mainly eat crunchy catfood. There are some funny videos made by Friskies featuring cats and kittens and some of them are pretty cute! The series of videos they produced do a ...

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