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Common Health Concerns of White Cats

fall-colors-behind-white-catWhite cats are naturally more beautiful than other cats due to their aesthetic features. Their pure white fur matched with eyes that may be blue, golden, or green make them even prettier. In spite standing out among other cats, they are traditionally prone to illnesses.

It is sad knowing how a pristine beauty could be affected by health problems. Nonetheless, you could do much more than worry – study the issues and devise a plan to take care of your white cats more effectively.

To give you ideas of the cat health issues as precautions, given below are the top common white cat problems:

Usual Deafness of Pure White Cats

According to experts, pure white cats with blue eyes are more likely to be deaf. This is a hereditary concern, which means by birth, the cat has acquired the inability to hear.

Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine stated that deafness is a major concern in a white cat, especially if he or she has blue eyes. They are naturally healthy and happy. White cat healthy weight is similar to normal cats. However, you have to keep them indoors.

Keeping them safe at home would avoid situations that they need to use auditory cues. White cat may be prone to accidents if he or she will not be able to hear threats, such as from roaming animals.

Your Cat May Not Be Just White but an Albino

Cat health care includes know what your feline really is. Be reminded that your cat may not just be white, but an albino. Albino cats are known for being born with a genetic condition wherein they have lack of pigmentation.

If you will take a closer look on the eyes and skin of albino cats, they have differences compared to normal white cat.  For instance, albino cats usually have two different eyes colors. In addition, the spectrum of an albino cat’s eye color is limited due to lack of color in his or her body. You may notice that his or her eye may be pinkish-blue, pinkish, or very pale blue.

The Possibility of Skin Cancer in White Cats

Repeated exposure of cats to harmful rays of the sun may result to squamous cell carcinoma. According to experts, the cancerous tumors may appear on eyelids, ears, and the nose. It could be very fatal more than it is painful.

If you want to prevent your white cat from being possibly affected by the cancer, assure that he or she is kept indoors. Most importantly, do not expose him or her to the sun.

There is one case wherein a white cat named Arthur died due to skin cancer. Though she lived for 18 years old and became an indoor cat, she still died of cancer that has been apparent on her nose and ears.

Prevention is better than cure, and when it comes to white cat, it starts with identifying his or her distinction to other cats. By knowing the given white cat health issues, you have precautionary measures in taking care of your pet properly.

5 comments to Common Health Concerns of White Cats

  • ange

    hey there i have a pure white male cat with green eyes , what is his health issues that can happen , he is a chariming boy gives lots of kisses and cutes and likes to make sure that im ok hes loyal and will not leave my side , csan you give me any tips on what i should look out for with his health issues

  • MaryAnn Dennis

    Is it possible that a cat with majority of white (calico) could have some albino related health issues?

    • I’m not an expert, but i don’t think so. most of the risks are caused by inbreeding needed to create an all white cat, but i’m not entirely sure.

    • Erica

      If the a cat of any color has pink, un-pigmented skin on their nose or ears, they are likely at elevated risk for skin cancer, just as people with very pale, un-pigmented skin are. It’s a good idea to keep these cats indoors or to limit their outside time to times of day when the sunlight is less intense.

  • Mary Maiorano

    my white cat (not an albino nor deaf) has asthma and requires albuteral inhalation therapy when he begins to cough. Is this just him or ? He is long and heavy, very muscular in his shoulders and haunches. Triangle face …. a rescue. Just asking.

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