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Sookie & Mister

tabby-and-white-cat-in-sunbeam  I have strangest roommates. They are an oddball pair, middle aged, both pudgy around the middle rather on the lazy side. He is mellow, most of the time being as chill as Buddha, while she is high strung and often demanding.

Somehow, they have made it through as a committed couple for the better part of ten years, with a few mild domestic altercations here and there, but nothing I felt I had to call the police about.

I met them both in 2008, knowing absolutely nothing about them, but I needed a pair of roommates and their photograph on the online ad looked nice.

I took a chance and drove to the home they were soon to vacate and picked them up. He was cool about the whole thing, and got into the car with no fuss, while she was all drama – freaking out, crying, getting a bit physical. Oh boy, this should be interesting!

So, it took them a while to settle in, as is often the way with new roommates, but if you give it time you will get to know them and appreciate them (and their funny quirks). You will have likely have some awesome buddies, as I now have. Sure, some days I have to clean up some unpleasant messes, separate an escalating verbal dispute before it gets worse or run to the store if they have run out of their favorite snack, but their friendship is something I can always count on.

When we met Mister, he had another name but that went with his old life, so that was quickly forgotten and he simply goes by Mister now. His needs are few. Give him some dinner, a peaceful place to sleep and a clean bathroom – yeah, he is really particular about that – and he is content.

sookie-the-tabby-catHe enjoys the quiet life of a semi-retired gentleman – bird watching and strolls around the garden.

Sookie is her name. Brunette with some random streaks of other colors, green eyes, a nervous little thing who can be sugar sweet one minute and loud and bossy the next. It’s all about Sookie, we often say.  She has been known to be pushy and a quite demanding, and the limits to Mister’s nearly limitless patience get stretched until sometimes he snaps.

Yeah, these domestic melees aren’t pretty, but counseling is not the answer, neither is the law, so I just try to deal with them the best way I can, as a good friend of both of the concerned parties.

They usually start the same way with Mister minding his own business, perhaps watching the autumn leaves fall outside the window or getting ready for bed, when the missus decides he should be paying attention to her. Not taking no for an answer, she will place herself well within his personal space, look him dead in the eye and wait.

If that doesn’t get her the results she was looking for, she will give Mister a little shove. He backs up. She shoves him again, then that’s it, all the Zen evaporates and Mister starts smacking Sookie! Off she goes, running to the dining room to hide, and he is left sitting by himself wondering what the hell just happened?

Then all is quiet again. Peace restored. Until tomorrow, that is, until Sookie has forgotten that Mister likes to be left alone sometimes, and that selfish bratty behavior will get you a smack in the head every time.

I often compare her to Dory, the forgetful little fishy from Finding Nemo.

Yet they love each other. Or as I sometimes say, she really, really looooooves him and he just tolerates her extremely well.

The best moments are when you find the frequently scrappy duo curled in an adorable cuddle puddle, cheek to cheek, limbs entwined snoring away in tranquil bliss. Gotta love my feline roomies!


The White FuryThe White Fury

Casper, Belle & Lily Re-united

Stay Home Cat!Stay Home Cat!

Fresh LinensFresh Linens

Always snug and cozy when the bed is warmed with freshly washed and dried sheets and covers.

Casper, Belle and the ManateeCasper, Belle and the Manatee

Belle was so happy to meet a new friend, the Disney Manatee!

Casper approachingCasper approaching

I’m here.

I win! It’s a bed!I win! It’s a bed!

Every night bell would knock everything off of the bedside table and every night it would get replaced on to the bedside table and then the next night they’ll would knock everything off the table again and again and again now she wins a bed has been made and she rests on a nest of ...

Belle, a real dreamerBelle, a real dreamer

sweet hearted girl little deaf white cat named Belle has been less than four months since her arrival she has seen some bad things as a rural farm kitten before being fostered briefly before being spotted outside Casper, Lily, and Alaska’s home and adopted in to the white cat world family Belle is a real dreamer 😻

Belle the white cat writing songsBelle the white cat writing songs

It was a very good night writing some new songs got all plugged in tuned up and had the tuna to in we were working on the songs and the new theme two should be just great I can’t wait till it’s done it was a good night driving and working on the melodies ...

Beautiful BelleBeautiful Belle

Belle loves to sit in the Zen bed at the front window watching the chickadees drinking in the fountain and the morning doves in the Pinetrees. It’s one of her favourite spots in the house.

Belle will be cartoon cat in my Lana Purrrilla book seriesBelle will be cartoon cat in my Lana Purrrilla book series

Inspired tale of magical maybes with a raccoon in a garden and tigers on the river boulders sniffing at the roses. Have started writing and it will feature Belle as Lana Purrila and her escapades with WhiteCatWorld darlings Lily, Casper and the ominous Little Grey Thing. Can’t decide if I should go darker or something else that’s ...

White Cat GalleryWhite Cat Gallery

White Cat Gallery

Wait what? Who me?Wait what? Who me?

Casper does a perfect double take his eyes are amazing and the timing is just perfect comedy gold Casper is an amazing white cat with his offset eyes and big round face such a cutey!

Cat SkyscraperCat Skyscraper

We replaced the big bulky kennel with this deluxe cat skyscraper. Lily and Belle are happy to test the structure, seems earthquake-proof and hurricane-resistant but Belle might prove to be a challenge!

The new denThe new den

All moved in to the larger room They basically got me to give them an en-suite

White Cat AngleWhite Cat Angle

White Cat Angle


THE LAST ACT OF COMPASSIONby S Hartwell She lies there gently breathing, And she’d like for you to know, That she’s reached the final crisis And it’s time for her to go. She needs a little help now, To ease her from this life, There’s nothing left but suffering, You can see it in her eyes. ...


THE PURRY GATESby Anon It seems that I’ve reached Heaven, or its doorstep at any rate, And been winding round St Peter’s ankles by the Pearly Gates, I’ve plucked the angels’ harp-strings and made a merry sound, But it’s plucking at my heartstrings that you are not around. So I think I’ll sit and wait here, ...


MESSAGE FROM SOOTYby Marie Anthony My very dear Master and his Lady Wife I am really enjoying this lovely new life; The milk is like nectar, the food is ambrosial; When I get my wings up I must pay you a call And sun-bathe awhile in the old tortoise house Oh, I’ve just met a young ...


AFTERTHOUGHTby W Girt If ever I get to Heaven, please, Peter let there be Purring by the Golden Gates, a cat to welcome me. By crystal fountain, clear and cool, I’d like a place to stop, To watch a languid pussy paw curl out to catch a drop. And if an angel feather drifts gently down ...


ON THE DEATH OF A FAVOURITE CATby Hilda Lunn Since you have gone the sun has left the sky, No breezes blow, No birds sing To ease the aching vacuum in my heart. I shall not forget your gentle ways; No judgements made, No difficult demands, No needs save one, To share your life with mine. ...

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