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by Anon

I thought that you might like to know I got here safe and sound Though you must feel rather strange not having me around;
Of course,
I am not really gone,
I’ve just moved out of sight,
And I don’t need that old body,
things had stopped working right.
Sometimes I’m sorely tempted,
to pop back down and see,
Just how you are managing,
without any help from me,
But I’m sure that you will understand I can’t come back to stay,
Though I have it on good authority that we’ll meet again some day.
The chow up here’s delicious – Ambrosia brand,
it’s named,
Once you’ve tasted this stuff,
Friskies won’t taste the same,
And where do they get this nectar,
which thick and creamy comes,
It’s not like other dairy products cos it don’t give me the runs.
I haven’t found the litter tray,
and THIS perplexes me,
That however much I wolf down,
I never have to pee.
But there are other plus points,
which cannot be ignored,
My claws have all come back again and there are drapes here to be clawed.
Another little oddity,
that leaves me quite astounded,
Underneath my tail end are two lumps,
furry and rounded – I can’t remember having them,
when I lived down there with you,
And up here,
all I can say – I’ve not sussed out their use.
Oh yes – I’ve got a comfy bed,
just like mine down there at home,
So things here are quite adequate,
I cannot gripe or groan;
But while I’m up here waiting,
in my cat bed in the sky,
I’ll regularly look in on you,
and keep a watchful eye.

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