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White Cats Who Took Disney Roles

white-cats-of-disneyContrary to popular belief, white cats are not simply popular among pet owners, but in Hollywood as well. If you have watched Disney movies, you will notice that they love to add white cat in its cast. Who could blame them now that these cute, quirky, and sweet felines are adorable in every way?

White cats of Disney took roles, either as a villain or hero. No matter what casting they achieved, their personality reflects how endearing they are.

Though it is not National Cat Day, it would be perfect to commemorate the amazing acting skills of white cats in Disney films. Below is a list of fluffy celebrities that became the favorite of all time:

The Aristocats’ Duchess

The Duchess is the protagonist in the 1970 animated film, The Aristocats. She is the mother of Toulouse, Marie, and Berlioz.

The white cat is known for her pure white, long fur with blue eyes like sapphires. Duchess also wears a signature look with collar made of gold and diamonds.

From the movie itself, Duchess is a great representation of white Persian cat, which is ladylike and well-reserved. She is the pet of Madame Adelaide Bonfamille, an aristocrat. Apart from such, she is caring, kind, friendly, and talented.

cat-with-mickey-mouseThe Aristocats’ Marie

Besides the main female cat lead in The Aristocats, Duchess, Marie also played an important role in the movie.

The white Persian cat is the middle child of Duchess, being the younger sister of Toulouse and older than Berlioz.

Imitating her mother’s demure personality, she believes she is quite the little lady. Whenever she mimics Duchess, she ends up becoming dainty. Moreover, she likes to tittle-tattle on her siblings, resulting to their occasional tumble.

Lady and the Tramp’s Si and Am

Remember the twin Siamese cats of Aunt Sarah in Lady and the Tramp? They may look like well-behaved, but they have committed serious crimes in the movie. Just imagine them robbing the icebox and pinning Lady on the fault of stealing the baby’s milk.

White Siamese cat is one of the many breeds of white cat. They are originally from Thailand and are also called as Wichian Mat. Siamese cats may come in different colors apart from white, such as seal, blue, and chocolate.

Frankenweenie’s Mr. Whiskers

If you love the weird film Frankenweeni back in 2012, you surely remember Mr. Whiskers. The Persian cat is the pet of Weird Girl with fluffy fur and large eyes. Apart from his owner, he does not show actual affection to anyone.

The character of Mr. Whiskers is usually quiet. He just stares at people without blinking similar to how his owner acts.  Nonetheless, he may appear hushed but enjoys codding Sparky and other dogs in the neighborhood.

There is no exception that you have loved cats not only in real life, but from movies as well. They could take on castings at different levels. The list of white cats on Disney is a proof that more celebrity white cats will emerge.

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