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cat-laneyI grew up with cats. Actually I grew up with lots of pets, but we always had at least one cat. My Mom was (and is) the definition of an animal lover. I can remember rescuing strays, stopping to help lost pets, and often going to the local animal shelters to give the pets waiting for a home some love and attention. There was no doubt that I was going to grow up to be an animal lover myself. So, of course, my own children both were bound to have a cat to love and call their own.

We love all of our cats. They each have their own cat-titude, quirks, and personality. Anyone who has spent some time around cats will tell you every cat is unique. But, there are some traits most cats seem to have. They love you on their terms, and when it comes to very small children, they prefer to love from a distance most of the time. And, you can’t really blame cats, small children love animals, especially grabbing them and hugging them tight no matter how hard they squirm. Embers, my daughter’s cat, could not be more of an exception to the cats with small kids rule.

When our daughter turned one I talked my husband into getting a kitten of her own. Our son had a cat he adored and my own cat had died recently of old age, so it was pretty easy to talk my Hubby into one more cat. (He wasn’t raised with cat-appreciation, but he has it now!) We drove out to a large country home that had an ad for kittens. We talked to the family, looked at the kittens and made our choice. I remember Laney holding Embers the whole ride home. That little kitten didn’t squirm or try to get away, and it has been that way ever since.

From almost the first day that little cat slept with our toddler, not because we put her in her toddler bed, but because she sought her out. I would love to say our daughter was a perfect angel with her kitty, but she wasn’t. She got too handsy often, grabbed and pulled. We corrected her and over time she got better. But, it didn’t matter.

tabby-cat-with-babyUnlike other cats who might scratch or run away Embers was the embodiment of patience, loyalty and love. During Laney’s toddler years Embers was dressed up in baby doll clothes. She was taken for strolls through the house in a baby cart, a baby stroller, and even occasionally was escorted around the house in a book-bag with her head and paws popping out of the top. Through it all she was nothing but patient and tolerant. And, every night when Laney went to bed her Embers came with her, and while she may have wandered out of Laney’s room she was there with her before she woke in the morning.

Laney is 6 now, Embers is 5. They are asleep right now, in her room, snuggled together. They lay together to watch movies, Laney often resting her head on the cat. We often joke that Laney must be the cat whisperer, there is no doubt she has a way with cats and most animals. Embers isn’t the only cat on her bed right now; in fact right now there are two cats and one beagle all in bed with our 6 year old. Most nights there are. But, Embers and Laney share a special bond, and I am certain that a large art of that is because Embers is a special cat. The perfect cat for our little girl. So if you are considering a cat for your family but aren’t sure if a cat will fit in with your little ones, don’t worry the right cat is out there.

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