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Kitty Gets Cranky When Claws Get Clipped

minzy-catI hope this advice comes in handy and helps you as it has helped us to trim those sharp little claws. As most of us already know, our feline friends can become very difficult when it comes to nail grooming.

At times it’s just not worth the time and effort to keep the cat still, try to avoid being scratched plus making sure the cats nails don’t get clipped to short and all at the same time. So instead of wrestling with our pet or taking the cat to a groomer and paying each time our cats claws need to be trimmed, we came up with a nifty, quick and safe way to get the job done, without all the fuss.

What you will need:

– 2 People
– 1 Pair of Cat Clippers
– 1 Cat
– 1 Screen (such as a screen that’s fitted in a door or window)

One person will be holding the cat up to the screen the other person will be on the other side of the screen waiting with the clippers. Hold your kitty up and close to the screen in time your cat will start to cling and hold on to the screen with their nails when they do, the person on the other side of the screen will see their nails poking through the holes of the screen. Be patient at first your cat might me hesitant to grab onto the screen but in time they will (haven’t heard of one that didn’t yet)

It’s important that you do not let go of your cat when they start to cling always keep a gentle hold on their body, the last thing you want is for them to suddenly let go and have them fall to the ground. While their claws are poking through the holes of the screen, the person on the other side of the screen can easily start to clip the nail as it pokes through, in the beginning the cat may pull back quick when it realizes something just happened, but don’t worry they will quickly poke those nails through again, so they can get a better close up view of what is going on outside.

Before you and the cat knows it all of their nails will be neatly trimmed. If you’re good with the clippers this method can be done very quick and accurate, so fast that the cat doesn’t even have time to realize what had just happened. Trust me on this method we have 2 cats and it has worked wonders for us and all of our cat friend owners who we have shared this idea with.

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