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10 Cat Symptoms That Need A Vet

If your dear kitty has any of these symptoms you really should get that precious cargo down to the vet right away. Unless you work at home or are at home all day with your cat you’ll need to understand that felines are notorious for hiding out and doing their own thing, usually napping, all day.

Cats do a much better job at hiding sickness and pain compared to dogs or humans. Cats can be suffering without giving much of an indication that anything is wrong so it is important to keep vigilant to any symptoms that might indicate something is amiss. Don’t be shy about contacting your vet about any health issues you might suspect are wrong with your cat, sometimes a cat can go from bad to worse within a few hours and the difference between saving the cat and losing your friend is really a matter of hours or days.

1. Vomiting
Hairballs are common with cats, they lick and swallow hair from their grooming and it creates balls of fur in their tummy that comes up as a hairball. The sound of a cat coughing up a hairball is quite common but if your cat is vomiting any sort of liquid or food it could mean that there is something wrong.

2. Diarrhea or Strange Pooping
Diarrhea in any creature can be a warning sign; it could be something as benign as an upset stomach or reaction to food but liquid poops can be caused by a parasite, virus, or even indicate the early signs of cancer. If your cat has diarrhea that is more than just an isolated case of the shits,  it is important that you get your cat to the vet immediately for treatment.

Sometimes a cat will go to the bathroom in the hallway or outside of the litter box to try and tell you something is wrong. Inspect and turds that are left outside of the litter box as they might have worms in the feces which can be identified by the vet. Cats can’t speak our language so often any odd behavior is a method of communication for the cat.

3. Cat refuses to eat for days on end
Sometimes the introduction of a new food can cause your cat to turn up her snout at the bowl she used to gallop towards. When changing foods always do a gradual change from the familiar brand to the new blend. If your cathas an abnormal appetite for one day it could be a non event;  however if your cat refuses to eat for several days in a row , or seems “off” at meal time, this may be a symptom of illness. Contact your vet.

4. Bleeding
Unless your cat has been in a fight with another animal bleeding is not normal , especially if there are no visible marks; if bleeding occurs from any orifice or is visible in the poop take the cat immediately to the vet.

5. Unusual bad breath
Some cats seem prone to halitosis. Just like people and dogs, proper dental care is important for healthy gums and teeth. Cats can have a strong breath smell due to their cleaning habits and their diet. Feeding them a good quality food can help and adding breath freshening liquids to their water bowl can also help, just like a mouthwash can help your husband in the morning! If the breath of the cat is unusually bad this could be a sign of disease that is beyond just the dental hygiene. This should not be ignored and should be looked at by a vet as soon as possible. Cats can go to the dentist as well and you will improve the quality of life of your cat by taking care of their fangs and chompers!

6. Thirst
Cats like to drink and it’s important to provide clean fresh water for them but if your cat is drinking much more than normal and there is no change in the air  temperature or activity levels then any excess thirst could be a sign of diabetes or other diseases; this should be checked out if the cats craving for water or liquids continues.

7. Cat Walking Funny
You’re probably used to the elegant gait of your cat as she struts down the hallway or across the lawn. If your cat suddenly starts walking funny, limping, or has obvious signs of physical distress it could be a broken bone. Cats cat fall from high places and land safely on their feet but impact with an object while falling or a closing door or falling heavy object can break a cats bone. If your cat appears to be in  in pain and has trouble moving or walking it could mean a bone has been damaged; broken bones need to be treated by a professional so call the vet right away.

8. Unusual walking patterns
If your cat seems confused or has an unusual pattern when they walk  they may be sick, if the symptoms continue seek the help of a vet.

White kitten visiting vet for check up. Regular visits to the vet are the best way to keep your friend healthy! Photo licensed via Adobe Stock Images.

9. Gargling Breathing Sounds
If your cat exhibits odd breathing patterns or sounds short of breath it could be a sign of a lung condition or a cancer. Your vet can offer steroid treatments or specific medications for your cat but time is of the essence. If your cat sounds like their may be water in the lungs then you should contact your vet immediately.

10. Your Cat Is Trying To Tell You Something Is Wrong
Cats communicate on a different level; they use body language and eye contact to create a dialogue and express emotions. Understanding this animal communication is not easy but you should listen to your instincts if you feel your cat is trying to express any discomfort or problem. If you suddenly feel that, for some reason, your cat is telling you something is wrong with them, don’t disregard this intuition. Keep an eye on your cat if you have some ‘flash’ that something is wrong with them as it might be them trying to communicate to you beyond language and reason.

One morning, we had a cat who showed sudden signs of being ill, and needed to be taken to the vet because of a strange breathing condition. We dropped him off at the vet for tests and went for a walk to wait. While we walked I told my wife that I had felt something was wrong with our cat by the way he was looking at me the night before; he has seemed to be looking strange but didn’t show any symptoms of distress. A few hours later the vet called to say we needed to come immediately because our cat was dying. When we got to the vet our cat was dead.

We were heartbroken, of course, but I think back on the night before when our cat had looked at me and I felt something was wrong but didn’t react to my intuition. I am saddened to think that if I would have listened to my gut that night I would have taken him to the vet right away and maybe they could have saved him.

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