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You Know When He’s Ready To Be Neutered

white-cat-on-black-chairCat owners who do not intend to breed their male cat will need to make sure that they do the responsible thing and have their cat neutered before the cat reaches sexual maturity, which is usually around 6 months of age. If they fail to have their cat neutered, the cat will display signs that he is ready to mate and will make life difficult for cat owners. But if you are unsure of your cat’s age or you are wondering what signs will alert you to the fact that your male cat is ready to be neutered, read on.


If your once placid, docile tom has started to become aggressive for no apparent reason, then this is an indication that the cat is ready to be neutered. Cats can become aggressive with other cats in the home, especially other toms, and if there are any females in the home, they will fight over the females. Outside cats will also fight with other male cats that they come across as they try to search for females that are in season.


Has your male cat started to roam around the neighborhood? While many cats are naturally curious about their surroundings, cats that are ready to mate will roam further afield as they search for female cats that are in season.

Territorial Marking

One way that male cats signal that they are looking for a mate is to mark their territory by spraying urine in strategic locations. If your male cat is an inside cat, you will soon start to notice this type of behaviour around the home. Outside cats also mark their territory outside the home to alert other male cats of their presence and of their intentions.


Some male cats will become increasingly restless as they reach sexual maturity. Unless they find a female cat to mate with, they will start to act in a very restless manner, which is difficult for cat owners to cope with. It is a disruptive period in the cat’s life, as well as a difficult phase of cat ownership to go through.

If your male cat has reached the age of 6 months and has become aggressive with other cats, this is a sure indication that the cat has reached sexual maturity and has taken steps to assert himself in the quest for a female. Cats will want to roam around the neighborhood to find a female cat. Male cats will also mark their territory, both inside and outside the home when they are ready to mate. If your male cat has started to display these signs and you do not intend to breed your male cat, it is best to have the cat neutered as soon as possible. Neutering will eliminate these types of behaviors.

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