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The Ragdoll Cat

ringo-the-briman-catFor those of you who have never owned a Ragdoll before – BEWARE! The Ragdoll cat is probably one of life’s gifts. The cat has beautiful blue eyes and a cuddly and friendly disposition. That’s right the name came from their tendency to just go limp in your arms when you pick them up.

However, don’t be fooled. The Ragdoll gains immense pleasure in playing and I must say the going limp in your arms isn’t until they are a bit older. However, watching them running around the house playing can give me entertainment for hours. And when they’re not in full on ‘play mode’ they are following their owners from room to room. That’s right – they could be called the dog of cats.

My two actually run and greet me at the door when I come home. They scratch at the bathroom door or any door for that matter when it’s closed and they’re on the other side. They have to be with their owners at all times. The bond that is created is unbreakable. One of mine even wakes me up at the same time every morning by jumping on the bed and nuzzling my head. It’s his way of saying “good morning mom.” Some nights I wake up and they’re both sound asleep on the bed with me, or even more interesting is when one is sleeping on my pillow. How he fits on there comfortably is beyond me. But that’s the thing about ragdolls. They don’t need to be comfortable they just need to be with their humans.

Ragdolls even enjoy traveling in cars. You’d be well advised to start them at an early age, but once they’ve been accustomed to it they can drive around for hours. Even better is if you can stick a litter box somewhere in the back that they can just pop into should the need arise. Quite often they’ll curl up and go to sleep, but sometimes they’ll spend their time gazing out the window at the world going by.

Ragdolls are strict indoor cats and cannot be permitted to wander the outdoors. Their trusting and friendly disposition could get them into dangerous situations should they be outdoors as they’ll just wander up to anything without realizing the danger. All they want is to make another friend.

Ragdolls are addictive, so be prepared when making the decision. One is never enough. I currently have two and if I could convince my significant other to get a third I most certainly would. The most interesting trait of this cat though is while you assume that you are their owner, they know better. The Ragdoll always owns the human.

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