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Quotes About Cats

Here are some more totally true quotes about cats. The tiny truths that writers and poets can reveal about live by seeing the world through their cats is remarkable. It is so heartwarming to see how cats can impact us and help us create an appreciation and respect for nature and for life by simply […]

Superstitions, Legends & Symbolism Of White Cats Around The World

When you think about the adorable nature and endearing curiosity of your pet cat, it’s not far-fetched to contemplate the delightful relationship between humans and pet cats in general.

This relationship is a legacy that extends back to over 9,500 years ago. Understandably, for a legacy this long, the innate behavioral patterns and biological characteristics […]

Famous Cat Quotes

Here are another ten famous quotes about cats. If you’ve read Anne of Green Gables you won’t be surprised to see L.M. Montgomery held a certain fondness for cats but when you see a quote by H.P. Lovecraft you might be a little more surprised to know that his philosophies on life and the beyond […]

Great Quotes About Cats

“The cat was created when the lion sneezed”– Arabian Proverb

Here are 10 more quotes by some famous authors who you might be surprised to learn were such ardent cat lovers. Would you ever suspect Charles Bukowski, the salty poet and dark angel of the literary world to get all purring and soft […]

Cat Quotes

It’s sometimes difficult to put our feelings into words and when it comes to describing cats and the emotions and love they can stir in our hearts. I’ve learned that sometimes the best way to express myself with my cats is to just sit near them and put a hand near them or stroke their […]