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Halifax Halloween Cat Show

We had a great time at the Halloween Halifax Cat Show on the weekend. The event was held at the Halifax Forum and featured over 25 breeds and over 100 cats; we spent the whole day chatting with the breeders and watching the various rounds of judging.

It really was a “purrfect” show and we’ll be going next year for sure! It’s been our favorite event so far put on by the Fundy Fanciers Cat Club; great venue and the weather was superb for late October in Halifax!

The judges for the event were Elaine Gleason, Robert Gleason, Christine Ling, Diane Moreau, Nancy Kerr, Eleanor MacDonald, Terry Farrell, Heather MacDougall & Sandra Pringle.

It was nice to be able to sit up close with the judges and it’s so nice when they explain a bit about the cat breeds as they judge them so we could understand what they were looking for.

I’ve been to larger shows like the Montreal Cat Show and you are pretty far away from the judging table and in Halifax the spectators could sit up close and personal.

We met a white cat named Lily just like our Lily white cat! They look so similar it was so nice to see another Lily!!

We met a white cat named Lily who looked a lot like our Lily! The eyes were different color but she looked like a cousin of our Lily, and both cats are two years old so it was nice to chat with the owner.

When we spotted a sable Burmese cat we had to spend some time talking with the breeder. We have our beautiful Blue Burmese, Alaska, and her brother Jasper, who has passed away, was such a loving cat and when we saw the Burmese kitty it was too much to resist. The breeder was named Theo and was very nice, we might adopt a senior Burmese cat to give a companion to Alaska who has been a bit lonesome since her brother died.

We met a beautiful sable Burmese cat who reminded us so much of our dear Jasper who is no longer with us.

The Halloween decorations were so much fun and really added an ambiance to the cat show; it’s fun when a show is scheduled during a festive time of year like Christmas or Halloween so the thematic flavors of the period can add to the enjoyment of the event.

My particular favorite cats were :
Brown patched tabby and white female Norweigian Forest cat named “Catequil Chole of Kerrisma”
Blue silver spotted male Turkish Angora cat named “Gillies Mithril of Lonecat”
Silver tabby & white Turkish Angora named “Lonecat Chance-Of-Rain Of Finnland”
Sable female Burmese cat named “Hali of Seasedge”
Ebony and white female Oriental Shorthair cat named “Amourchat Viraj”
Sepia neutered Singapura cat named “Diogenoir’s Moonbeam of Finn Farm”

and of course…the white beauty Lily!

I love the official names of the cats, when we meet them in their kennels as they snuggle in their beds they are introduced as something like “Beamer” and the official name is “Diogenoir’s Moonbeam of Finn Farm” which is so much more regal and in the case of little Beamer, so appropriate because that little Singapura was simply devine!

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